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Tips for a successful sale from the
experts at Help Me Ronda.

Consider every inch of your house and yard. If you think you might be willing to part with something, let the estate-sale operator know so
it can be priced.

There is a buyer for everything. We know of one homeowner who sold the Mondo grass out of her garden!

Point out what is not for sale. Some items may be listed as part of the fixtures included when your home was sold.

Be careful to remove any assets, jewelry, mementos, etc. in hidden drawers or old cigar boxes.

Mark linens, curtains, bedspreads, and coverlets by size for easier pricing and selling.

Waiting lines may form around your home. Be sure to advise neighbors of the impending flurry.

Get out of the house during the sale. For some, it is hard to hear the squabbles and negotiations over former possessions.

From DHome and Garden, March/April '03   p.87